We take paint-by-numbers seriously. Elle Crée is all about making a product that contains the best possible materials for you - our conscious consumers. Each piece that goes into our kits is thoughtfully created, sourced, assembled, and packaged as close to home as possible which makes us proud to offer you a truly American-made kit!

So why is “American made” so important to us?
It’s about making more sustainable choices.

Components don’t have to travel as far, which means less of a carbon footprint. Because most of our components are made domestically, we’re better able to ensure their quality. And most importantly, we know that the people that make those components were treated well and compensated fairly for their efforts, which is really important.

American-made for us is also about the long-lasting relationships we’ve cultivated with our suppliers. Here’s a look at some of our domestically-sourced components and why we love them!

Watch our YouTube video about “Made in the USA” for even more behind-the-scenes action!

our paint

We pour a lot of love into each paint pot. Since the very beginning, we’ve been sourcing water-based acrylic from a paint manufacturer here in the US. We love the viscosity and coverage in the artist quality paint, which is certified by the ACMI (Art and Creative Materials Institute). We mix our entire custom color palette of 150+ colors from just 6 American-made base colors!

our paint pots

Our little pots are also American-made and are BPA-free, food-grade plastic - so not only are they made here, they’re also made thoughtfully. Since they’re not recyclable at the curb, we’ve instituted a paint pot recycling program with a local recycler so we can keep them out of the landfill - and you can receive a coupon for your next purchase when you return them to us!

our canvas

Our canvas has been printed by the same local graphics printer since our start in 2017. Our vendor has the capability to print on all kinds of substrates and recently helped us source American-made canvas. It’s about 7% more expensive than foreign-made canvas, but totally worth it in our eyes.

We take a lot of pride in the fact that we are bringing a responsibly made product to the marketplace that you can feel good about. Thank you for being conscious consumers!

Find out more about our component sourcing choices on our YouTube channel!