group discounts

At Elle Crée we like to encourage “social self-care” and we can’t think of a better way to enjoy some calming time with others than to paint together.

Group discounts are available for purchases of 15 kits or more.

  • use code GROUP20

    Enjoy 20% off your total purchase when you buy 15-24 paint-by-number kits.

  • use code GROUP25

    Enjoy 25% off your total purchase when you buy 25-49 paint-by-number kits.

  • use code GROUP30

    Enjoy 30% off your total purchase when you buy 50+ paint-by-number kits or more.

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the perfect party craft!

Our mini paint-by-number kits have a project time of 1-2 hours which makes them the perfect craft for corporate events, family reunions, holiday parties, workshops, team building events, friend retreats, retirement homes, family vacations & more!


watch our tutorials on how to host your own paint-by-number party!