Mint green square with white sans serif font reading "Ellen Ochoa."

Ellen Ochoa is an adventurer and innovator with a love of physics, math and engineering. As a student, she followed the path of physics and was able to apply her knowledge and insight toward an optical system that improved the function of NASA computers. Ellen decided in 1985 that she wanted to be an astronaut. It would eventually take her three attempts to be accepted by the program. While waiting, she successfully pursued a pilot’s license. By 1991, she was finally selected to be an astronaut by NASA. In 1993 she became the first Hispanic female to go to space on a mission to study the earth’s ozone layer. Since then she has participated in at least 4 flights to space, as well as playing a role in mission control for other flights. Since retiring from her role in hands on spacecraft operation, she has been deputy director of NASA’s Johnson Space center. The zinnia in Ellen’s hair is paying homage to the first flower grown in space, which occurred on the International Space Station in 2016.