Think of your first interaction with art, for most of us it was probably with a favorite toy or movie and from there, our school classrooms. Learning about the color wheel, what colors combine to make new hues, and how adding black or white can make those colors shift again. This is the beginning of our art education, the foundation for our preferences, usually starting with establishing our favorite color.

As we get older we start to form opinions about the kind of art we like or don’t like, what artists and styles appeal to us and why. But we also start to drift away from the freedom of creating that we felt as children, doubting our abilities to create in a way that others will appreciate instead of focusing on making for ourselves. Adults don’t have the same artistic outlets as kids. When was the last time you were encouraged to do an art project at your job or to spend some time coloring or painting?

It is a long established fact that art can have a positive or negative impact on people and their environment. Surrounding yourself with art that you enjoy can make a difference in your day and your general enjoyment of life.

More recently in 2013, experts found out how visual art showed positive effects on elders in nursing homes making them feel more calm, relaxed, and happy which proves how art works more than a mere placebo in effecting change.

— Marc Primo Warren,

This is the type of consideration we bring to our kits, designing them as a way to help people reconnect with their creativity. Paint-by-number is the adult version of the coloring page. You follow the directions and end up with a beautiful completed piece of art to hang in your home. But painting these kits brings much more than that to your day, they provide a connection to a calming activity, expose you to color theory, and give you a sense of accomplishment. We truly believe that anyone can be an artist and you’ll find that is true when you’re painting an Elle Crée paint-by-number kit!

I look forward to the time I give myself every day to work on my [paint-by-number kit]. Just plug in some music or a podcast and escape these hectic times for a bit... It’s literally like gift wrapped therapy in an adorable box!

— Elle Crée Customer

Paint-by-numbers are intended to effortlessly ease the artist into this highly focused flow state. By eliminating most decision-making stressors, the artist can focus on filling each section, focus on each brushstroke and find a sense of creative calm. Our kits are specifically designed to make it even easier to lose yourself, with a limited color palette and simplistic illustrations that only take 3-5 hours to complete.

The most surprising thing I’ve found from all my paint-by-number painting isn’t just how relaxed I feel but how much it’s helped jumpstart my creativity. Whether it’s fighting through writer's block for a new blog post or figuring out ideas for my next drawing, nothing helps boost my brain like an hour with a paint-by-number.

By Mandi Andersen, Elle Crée Color Specialist

Mandi has a background in art, graphic design, and all things crafty. She is Elle Crée’s first-ever dedicated Color Specialist.