Wondering how to use leftover paint from your kit? Download the template and instructions for this DIY Ornament designed to be used with leftover paint from our Poppies in Vase kit. If you don’t have paint from this kit, feel free to use other paint colors you have on hand! This ornament printable makes a great afternoon activity for adults and kids alike! It’s an easy project that anyone can do, just follow the directions below and you’ll be on your way to making cute ornaments in no time!


  • 3-inch blank ornament (Ornament blanks can be found at your local craft store or online!)
  • Ribbon
  • Tape
  • Leftover Paint - we used leftover paint from the Poppies in Vase Kit, but feel free to use any paint combination you have on hand! Just make sure to assign a number for each color to make it easy to follow the numbered guide.
  • Paint Brushes
  • Cup of water
  • Rag or towel
  • Cotton swabs


  • Toothpicks
  • Apron
  • Glue Gun + Glue


Step 1: Get your workspace ready. Set out paint, paper towels, cotton swabs, water, a #2 pencil, tape, and an object to paint.

Step 2: After printing, cut apart the sections on the next page. The numbered outline will be your template. Flip over the template piece and cover the entire back of it with a pencil, making sure you get even coverage. Cut around the circle of the template so it can be taped to your ornament.

Step 3: Flip the paper back over and place it on the ornament you will be painting. Tape in place. Then trace over the lines of the template outline using firm pressure. Check to make sure the lines have all been traced before removing the tape.

Step 4: Once you have traced your lines you are ready to paint! Use the numbered guide to fill in the spaces. Use light coats and short brush strokes.*

Step 5: Paint a second coat as needed. Use the #4 paint color to paint the edges or back of your ornament if you’d like. Check that all spots have been painted and remember you can leave off the year and put a name or holiday greeting there instead!

Step 6: Let your ornament dry, thread a ribbon through the hole, or hot glue it to the back, and it’s ready to hang or gift! These make great personalized gifts for family and friends!

* Use your cotton swabs to help clean up any mistakes by wetting one end and using it to wipe up the paint. Use the dry end to help dab up any excess water. Toothpicks can be used to stir the paint in your paint pot, and aprons are optional as well!